Dear members, staff, guests, and anyone else it may concern:
It is with a heavy heart that we, the administration, must inform you that as of August 25, further development of the website has been suspended. Furthermore, the forums have been shut down.
For the past year, the community has been declining rapidly to the point where we had an overwhelming amount of guests with around 10-20, and occasionally 30, members online at once. Even being the small community we were, however, we held on. Now, however, many of us have to move on. We simply are not able to provide for this service anymore.
Over the years Rile5 has been alive (since May 2011!), we’ve been through a lot together. We want to thank you, all of you, for the fun times, the memories, and the experience.
So, while the forums and website may be gone for now, the memories and the community will forever be in our hearts. Thanks, everyone, and we are very sorry to announce this. 
Good luck, everyone.

- Rile5 Administrative Team

P.S. Remember: you can keep the community alive by interacting on social media such as Skype and Twitter!
None of our staff, including Riley, are or have been associated with Club Penguin Online (CPO)