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Minecraft PE :: Nether

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Today I will show you how to make the Nether reactor in Minecraft PE. [Works with all versions]

You will need: 4 Gold Blocks, 14 Cobblestone Blocks, 1 Nether Core [Can be made in the crafting table]

This tutorial only works on survival mode, not creative. To make the Nether core you will need to go to the crafting table with some gold and iron. If you succesfully get into Nether, you will be able to mine Obsidian after you defeat the "pigs". That is the only way to get Obsidian on survival mode! You will also gets oyher vakuable items you are not allowed to make unless you go to Nether. You might want to go in with any armor that isn't Leather, and you might want to go with a strong weapon, such as a iron-gold sword. The Nether looks very bad, but ehat you get out of it is very valuable.

*Don't build Nether in your house!
*Go in prepared, there are only about 5 "pigs".

Here is the turorial:

I hope it works! If you have any questions ask me!

To find the items easily, check out my "Item Duplicating" tutorial here: http://rile5.com/top...ng/#entry230935

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what the hell is a nether reactor 



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what the hell is a nether reactor 

Play It, Know it. Or Google it.

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Thanks :D +1

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