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  • Location Naxxar, Malta.
  • Interests I love coding and making programs but I also love doing GFX and VFX. I can make logos, headers, backgrounds, etc,etc.

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  1. Daryl added a topic in General   

    New CPPS called CPPS.me. It is the new UniqueCP, but It's more like the regular one because nothing had changed. The creator is the same, the chat is the same. But there's only 1 thing that had changed, it's the ... the ... the DOMAIN! The new domain is .me . Well, these are the only stuff I can talk about for CPPS.me.

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  2. Daryl added a post in a topic CPPS Bots.   

    Hey pers. How you doing? Oh, I quit xat.
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  3. Daryl added a topic in General   

    CPPS Bots.
    Hi guys, today I'm giving you the link for how to make CPPS bots. You will just need to download php, then open bot.php and fill in the stuff. Then you will have a CPPS Bot! Oh and you will not need to extract files because I already have extracted them! Link is : http://www.mediafire.com/?2kcgbjuzn2gq5 . Okay, have fun making a CPPS Bot! Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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  4. Daryl added a topic in Sports   

    Rugby is a very rough sport, but It makes you very tough. I goto rugby every Thursdays and Sundays. In America rugby is also called "football". About a phew weeks ago, my brother fractured his foot. Now he is with krutches, but I bought him an iPod Touch and now he is really happy with it. That's all the stuff I can talk about rugby. I will add new topics soon.


    Daryl // Stomp
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