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  1. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic Urban Dictionary your real name!   

    Mine. Is. BAWS.

    1. Giovanna 258 up, 44 down
    Is what the gods name the most beautiful angels. Simply beautiful inside and out. Has an amazing voice and in depth has the purest mind, heart and soul of all. Giovanna is a unique, sexy, sophisticated and elegant goddess. She is a little bit shy at first but when her shield is down and you get to know her well you will see that she is truly amazing. She knows how to party and can be very awesome at times. Her attractive personality and figure will have you coming back for more. She is the smartest and sweetest person you will ever meet. You are lucky if you ever meet her.
    "You are still together with Giovanna!? man there's no doubt you are the luckiest guy in the world!!"

    "Angelina Jolie is such a Giovanna"

    :Damn I wish I was A Giovanna"
    buy giovanna mugs & shirts
    gio giovy giovanna angel cutie pie
    by unknown_951 Aug 28, 2010 share this add a video
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  2. xTheOnlyOreOx added an answer to a question [Hamachi] How to fix links not loading [/Hamachi]   

    I'm not sure people do, since I've tried to join many hamachi CPPSes and the IP hasn't loaded (yes, they WERE online and they HAD put the server up/started XAMPP/all that stuff). Anyway, no problemo, my friend.
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  3. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic Goodbye   

    Goodbye. You'll be missed.
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  4. xTheOnlyOreOx added a question in Tutorials   

    [Hamachi] How to fix links not loading [/Hamachi]
    For all you people out there who fail at trying to connect to a friend's Hamachi server.

    1. Give your friend(s) the details of your hamachi network.
    2. Right click on their name, and click Details.
    3. Click on the Settings tab.
    4. On the first line, where it says Traffic block untrusted, click change next to it, and then click Allow all.
    5. Now they should be able to access your Hamachi IP.

    Note: You will have to do this for every person who wants to join your server (or whatever it is).

    Enjoy, and please give me a +1 if it helped!
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  5. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic iCPPS with moods   

    Get the iCPPS source and try following this tutorial: http://pastebin.com/cUDATtRV .
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  6. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic Hey There,   

    Welcome to Rile5!
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  7. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic Regarding PHP and HTML   

    But this section is meant for programming. Why shouldn't PHP and HTML be put here?
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  8. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic Updated: cyPanel - A Work in Progress   

    Very nice! That deserves a +1, Mr! Nice job!
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  9. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic Hello there.   

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay. And be warned, everyone who joins just can't stay away.
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  10. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic Chocolate or Haribos? #3   

    CHOCOLATE FTW! My username was chocolate002 before I changed it to this, but I think I'll change it to xLoRdChOCx soon.
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  11. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic My Money Maker   

    That's not your CP Money Maker. That's ClubPenguinCP's which was put on a site you made. Not even one tiny credit. Wow.
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  12. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic [MAC] ScreenSnapr Alternative   

    Or if you have Windows (like me), you can use LightShot for Windows (and Mac, but the Mac download link just redirects to the link you said).
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  13. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic Chome addon   

    It's not Chome, it's Chrome. And it's a web browser. Tested by me to be slightly faster than Firefox. https://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/chrome/browser/
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  14. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic Hi   

    Welcome to Rile5! And VinceC is absoloutely correct. Once you've been here a while, you just can't stay away!
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  15. xTheOnlyOreOx added a post in a topic IPB vs phpbb3   

    I prefer IPB since it has cool features that phpBB doesn't have, for example reputation and a status system.
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