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Zac Ron

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  1. Zac Ron added a post in a topic Increase The Rep Buttons Size   

    Most people now have smartphones that do allow in-browser zooming, although it wouldn't hurt to enlarge them though. --
    I wasn't intending on down-voting (:
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  2. Zac Ron added a post in a topic Eminem - Headlights   

    I don't really like how he raps. Ehh...
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  3. Zac Ron added a post in a topic xCP - Staff Applications   

    How old are you: 15
    What can you offer to xCP: Social Media; Blogging; email replies - anything written basically
    How long will you be on each day (in average): Few hours
    Have you had any previous experience (If so name them): CPV
    Rank you are applying for: Moderator or anything above
    Why you fit the rank's specifications: I've moderated before and thus I know what to do and how to act, applying the correct actions to different situations; I'm unbiased which helps with arguments; I try to seem friendly and down-to-earth yet authoritative rather than seeming superior to everyone below me - I want players to feel like they can talk to me and trust me.
    About yourself: From the UK; I'm a dude (I hope that's obvious.. )
    Any other information: Started CPPSes back in '11, my xCP name is Django
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  4. Zac Ron added a post in a topic STORM IN LONDON KILLS MILLIONS   

    I suppose this is one of those 'wish me luck' moments.
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  5. Zac Ron added a post in a topic Chris Brown Sentenced to Jail   

    He obviously has involuntary spasms...
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