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  1. Lake added a post in a topic Shocking interview with a Rile5 member   

    You really think Nikola Petković's SnailCP crap is better than CPRP? you must be crazy
    Anyway my video will be uploaded soon
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  2. Lake added a post in a topic Shocking interview with a Rile5 member   

    You can't deny this video.
    or this
    Don't worry, I'm in the process of making another video; your Windows Moviemaker shit is terrible.
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  3. Lake added a post in a topic This is it.   

    I've wanted to leave ever since last year, it's just that I've been wanting to make a great cpps but it looks like I won't.
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  4. Lake added a topic in Member Introductions   

    This is it.
    Hello dear Rile5,
    Yes, I’m not dead. And no, I did not made up my death, and in fact I never even know I was “dead”. Thank Kyle for faking my death. Anyway, looks like I’m alive to say this.
    I am quitting. There is no current timespan for my “comeback”, but I’ll make a quick stop here and there. Rile5 had changed my life since 2011. Yes, it changed my life; even though I’ve gotten an addiction (that is now over after my ban) to it, I’ve learned many lessons — from programming to life, and even grammar! It’s just wonderful that Rile5 taught me good things. And yeah, I’ve hacked and took down some servers but I’ve learned that it is very bad and unnecessary.
    Why am I quitting? Well, I’m heading into harder and harsher studies and I believe Rile5 and the CPPS community will distract and harm my grades (it has happened before). Another reason is that I’ve been disinterested in Club Penguin and programming, since I am now interested in the “Business” world. Programming had helped, but it is not something that I want to do for my rest of my life.
    I’d like to thank the original Rile5 members, staff, and support team. Without them, Rile5 would have been DEAD by now. From phpBB to IPB3 to even IPB4 now it looks like there will be a brighter future for our young and new users. Other people I’d like to recognize are… (not in ANY specific order)
    Josh09 (aka Josh Vaandering): Used-to-be NGGA commissioner and @care_bearsx leader, he was very intelligent. Although it seems like he also quit, he was one of my best friends (yes, I’m being honest right now)Shawn: Idiot and a fagCodex1 (aka Nikolaaa1): He was with me at my first CPPS, and since then followed me. What also chuckled me was that we both have the same birthdays, June 6th.Lynx (aka Levi, Mouse, etc.): Teached me Perl when I stepped into the Luna project. Nice and friendly.Jake1: Although he’s in serious problems right now, he was one of my friends. I’ve hacked and took down his servers, but he reached me NOT to do that anymore.Natedogg457: Another person who’s servers I’ve took down. He was hilarious but friendly.Hagrid (aka Peny): Helped Codey a lot, and is helping other young users too. I remember I used to bot his servers.Syntax (aka Charles): Both of us tried to create a revolutionary server back in 2013, but since he has left, none of us have tried bringing it back.Slider: Forgot how I met him, but he used to be a noob (I think?). Now he’s one of the Trusted members here.Snowflake (aka TimmyCP): Just a good friend that would help me out whenever I need it.Jad: Used to start out as a noob, and again, now one of the Trusted members here.Carnifex: Supplied me and Syntax a dedicated server just so we can run our server.Sony107: One of the few people I still have contact with since my first CPPSAstro: Me and him used to make Python scripts hacking items and stuff in the mobile appKeon: Me, him and Nate used to make Minecraft servers…iMelo: Used to be staff on my servers, kind and friendlyEnlil: Me and him used to try and make a fully functional AS3 source codeDev321: Don’t remember how I met him, but he’s a good guy to meSubhi: He’s actually funny if you don’t be mean to himKuz345: Me and him would help each other outPeTaL: Staff on one of my servers, niceNickrobat: He was looking to hire people, and all you Rile5 members just laughed at him. I’ve accepted his job offer, and he was actually nice if you don’t be mean to him.imMichael: Me and him used to make servers, I actually forgot about it until he mentioned it to meSandor: I had to help him when he first joined, and now he helps me loliMix: I really didn’t know this dude, to be honest. When he got hired for CPRP he told me that both of us used to fight when he was in another alias, really don’t remember any of this but we now have a strong relationship.NBALEGEND89: cries about miranda and sucks at nba2gayand of course, Nate (aka TiDe Bleach, Nihalic17): Funny dude, me and him always text each other every day. Used to be staff on my serversI’m pretty sure I left out some members that I’ve been friends with, it’s just that when I was searching through my Skype and Friends List they appeared as mentionable.
    My first CPPS I joined was iCPv3. I’ve found it while blogging my now-dead Club Penguin blog. Ever since then, I’ve been engaged into the CPPS community. Now it is my time to leave, and hopefully will make a comeback later on in the years to come.
    CPRP’s development is ceased and has been since there was a conflict between the staff members. I’ve wiped the files in my own will. All that is left on my computer is a client(13) media server, just for future use if I ever come back to see Rile5 dead.
    Also, I’d like to give a shoutout to the Care Bears hacking group, be sure to follow them for the latest updates!
    Furthermore, I am not the only one quitting today. Nate aka Nihalic (even though he’s banned on Rile5 lol), is quitting also so don’t expect me or him to come in Skype ever again. If you still want to be in contact with me or Nate, you can follow us on our Twitter.
    Until next time, I am out. This was a hard decision, but I am deciding to quit. Do not expect me to come back in an hour or a day. I have made my decision. Thanks.
    The one and only Great Lake.
    yo if u guys have an xbox one and have NBA2gay or Madden DM me or nate on twitter and we can probably play lol
    (we're sunset beach ballers btw)
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  5. Lake added a post in a topic Farewell Rile5   

    again, rip luna
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  6. Lake added an answer to a question Can someone make a in-depth tutorial?   

    I would write a tutorial but Aurora says we don't need any more tutorials on it... I guess you just have to read the pinned topics on the Tutorials section.
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  7. Lake added an answer to a question AS3 CPPS load external SWF's like in AS2   

    To do it safely, you'd have to extend the dependencies and make the lm packet handler yourself. There was a tutorial somewhere lying in the forums...
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  8. Lake added a post in a topic PermissionsEX   

    Did you handwrite this or did you use commands?
    I'm not really much of a PermissionsEx guy... (more of a bPermissions )
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  9. Lake added a post in a topic MemberPenguin: New Cpps   

    Don't understand what you're saying, but ok.
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  10. Lake added a post in a topic CPPS Website Theme   

    Oh, ok, didn't realize that.
    Anyway, looks neat.
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  11. Lake added a post in a topic MemberPenguin: New Cpps   

    Um, who are they?
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  12. Lake added a post in a topic MemberPenguin: New Cpps   

    Love your custom items, mostly stolen from Oasis.
    BTW, your fake register is broken (keeps saying that I didn't fill in the password field but I did)
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  13. Lake added a post in a topic CPPS Website Theme   

    You use the Fair Use for Academic Purposes but you are still monetizing (VIP) so that message is worthless
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  14. Lake added an answer to a question Incorrect animations when joining a room   

    If your doing this with 2 tabs, then it's delayed
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  15. Lake added an answer to a question Adding Music in Localhost   

    You use the GLOBAL crumbs. You edit with FLASH CS# if you decompiled it. You PUBLISH it and then upload it. There IS room_crumbs if you PROPERLY EDITED it
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