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  1. Zac added a post in a topic Leaving   

    The staff is still fixing everything? They JUST got back up and upgraded, it'll take some time to fix everything. I love the new design.
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  2. Zac added a post in a topic How exactly do you guys do remakes/custom files of CP's swf files?!   

    Everyone who makes customs for Club Penguin's swfs use Adobe Flash, that is the only best thing to use for it.
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  3. Zac added an answer to a question PHP Item Adder?   

    You need a VPS to run programs, you can't use a Free Web Hosting site.
    EDIT: Shouldn't this be in the CP Cracking/Hacking/Cheating forum?
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  4. Zac added a post in a topic Fair games SWF [Request]   

    The fair is on Club Penguin right now, it shouldn't be hard to get the swfs.
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  5. Zac added a post in a topic Fair games SWF [Request]   

    They're still in CP's files I believe. I know The Daily Spin, Balloon Pop, Puffle Shuffle, etc is.
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  6. Zac added an answer to a question Free US calls to anywhere, anytime!   

    You can use Google Voice (http://google.com/voice) which is what hangouts use.
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  7. Zac added a post in a topic Flippr Custom Puffle Animations   

    They all load fine for me, including CP Puffles. http://prntscr.com/6s6g5p
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  8. Zac added an answer to a question Let me try this again   

    Is there anything being sent in the login server? Also what source is it? We need more information before we can help.
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  9. Zac added a post in a topic Please give us the old Award Icons   

    I believe both are great, Sandor put a lot of work into the new ones so I think it should be shown, I agree with Shawn about picking award themes but is that possible?
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  10. Zac added a post in a topic ipandanda issue   

    Are you going to be using xampp to host the files?
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  11. Zac added a post in a topic New (Better?) User Award Icons   

    Amazing, Sandor! Like always you amaze me. 
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  12. Zac added a post in a topic I'm back? Maybe? Yes? Matrix #imploded   

    Welcome back! How have you been?
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  13. Zac added a post in a topic Rile5 needs you!   

    1. How old are you? -
    I am 16, I will be 17 in a few months.
    2. What timezone are you in? -
    I am in Eastern Standard Time.
    3. Please tell us some of your previous experience in or relating to moderation. -
    I was a moderator on a few other forums that sadly got closed down for being inactive, I know how to get around it all.
    4. What makes you stand out from other applicants? -
    I've been around the Rile5 community for years now, I know how to work IP. Board and I'm very nice and love to help people constantly, I make sure everything is safe and I am constantly checking on rile5, I always view every new topic made and I love reading each topic. (I just love reading.   )
    5. What is your honest stance on Rile5? In other words, how do you feel about it? -
    Well, I think Rile5 has lots of potential in it, hard working staff and great members.
    6. What do you think Rile5 needs for success? How can you help bring this? -
    Well, I think Rile5 just needs more active staff, everything else about the forums is already great.
    7. Do you have a Skype account (if yes, what’s your username?) -
    My Skype username is zacena1c, I am already on it, as well as on my phone so I reply faster.
    8. Finally, explain why you want to be a moderator on the forums. -
    I would like to become a moderator because I want to help people on the forums, make a difference, I also want to help with the spamming and making sure everythings working properly and make sure the rules aren't being broken.
    Additionally, do you have experience with the IP.Board system? -
    I've had experience with it for over 4 years now, I know everything about IP. Board including the themes, panels (Moderator & Admin Panels) and so on.
    Thank You for reading my Application! I think Rile5 has a lot of potential and great members, I just hope I can get a chance to help.
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  14. Zac added a post in a topic Kitsune - Packed   

    Awesome, thanks!
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  15. Zac added a post in a topic Looking For Testers   

    I'll test it for you if you like.
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