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  1. Slider added a comment on a blog entry Snowball.pw is returning   

    I never planned to buy the domain because I thought about renaming, but thanks now I have no choice <3
    But that is pathetic of all the names to choose and you be an ass and pick one already used..
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  2. Slider added a post in a topic Shocking interview with a Rile5 member   

    Actually this is pathetic. The fact your supposed to be staff members and you're encouraging these sorts of insults by laughing at them.
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  3. Slider added a post in a topic Shocking interview with a Rile5 member   

    It's nice to see how that twat wastes his life, making videos about users and spamming that shitty site everywhere, God, if real did a great job at creating humanity to insert idiots like Nikolaaa
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  4. Slider added a post in a topic Shocking interview with a Rile5 member   

    Nikolaaa really needs to go jump off a bridge keep advertising that shitty worldy5 forum
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  5. Slider added an answer to a question Interface   

    Actually he was asking the nicknames to apply nameglow but didn't mention it because he just wanted to know, in code where he could access it. He also accomplished this way before you posted "supporting" him with his question. I know this was his aim because I speak to him on skype regularly, and the fact you mention AS3 when he clearly doesn't need help with AS3 server, it's AS2, seen by his screenshots, he also states before you even replied that he wanted to know how he could use it to apply namecolor so your first point is invalid.
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  6. Slider added an answer to a question Interface   

    You obviously don't understand the interface at all, there is two, one cannot have glows attached via the interface which makes it useless and is why he moved it to the engine.
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  7. Slider added a post in a topic CPPS sources   

    Luna, by Lynx, it's in perl and everything works
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  8. Slider added a post in a topic Let's make a story! - The future!   

    boot up their xbox ones with voice commands and demand it turns tv on, then they
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  9. Slider added a post in a topic Giving away 1 cent on PAYPAL.   

    You'd have enough to purchase the dirt it drove on but thats about it..
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  10. Slider added a post in a topic Lake's death   

    It's not hard to tell the difference between the words soul and sole(which by the way is the thing on shoes so you are saying we should let his shoes RIP?
    And I don't think this is true, if this Kyle is the one iMix mentioned to me before could just have made it up because of an argument they had together, he could just be inactive not everyone is a rile5 or CPPS addict.
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  11. Slider added a post in a topic HELP NEEDED!Can anyone help me make a cpps   

    Just going to say this stop doing a codex, it's "your" not "you'r".
    also rewards like that are kinda pointless because this site has at least 4 tutorials on vps hosting a server using iCPPS, OpenCP and even AS3(Kitsune)
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  12. Slider added a post in a topic 2 jokes   

    right because he totes forced you to waste your time replying to it
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  13. Slider added a post in a topic Old puffle sprites   

    I believe the "sprites" where just hand items..
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  14. Slider added a post in a topic Which language?   

    Python is a great language, but it really depends if you can memorize whitespace as one error could make you spend 20 minutes looking for the fix because python doesn't always state where the correct error is located(at least to my experience, i.e it would mention line 20 but I find the error on like 7 or 9)
    I haven't really used Ruby but from the few pieces of code i seen its pretty similar not 100% but you can notice some similarities, Perl is also a good language it's powerful but if you are new I wouldn't recommend it, so start small try out PHP if you do not like web development try out another language, personally I'd recommend a language like Java or C# if you want to go into gaming but most languages can work if you learn how to use everything correctly.
    I tried this which helped me pick what I prefer to use:
    spend a week on different languages and try a different one every day for that week, i started with:
    phppythonperlrubyc#javajavascriptout of them all I like python the most, secondly was PHP and Javascript then Java, now I have a few languages I can practice at and get better at. So try this if you cannot decide, write a list of the ones you liked most and then try them again but for longer time narrow it down then finally pick the one that does what you want and you can stand to look at for 4 hours at least.
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  15. Slider added an answer to a question CP App future party rooms   

    Because they are talking about the app which is only on tablets, mobiles etc, normal CP files can be logged using developer tools but they are just swfs anyone in the CPPS community should know the directories of rooms by now..
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