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  1. Slider added a post in a topic Introducing Snow Cube   

    It's taken him 4 days to recover from a DDOS attack.. you clearly didn't even attempt to stop it from happening..
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  2. Slider added an answer to a question My CPPS (Server Error?)   

    What source code are you using?
    Does it happen with other sources? if so, you have an error in that specific source code, try looking at a similar one and matching up the code to see what has changed or is missing.
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  3. Slider added a post in a topic Introducing uPlayEve's Owners   

    If that where true why does Oasis.ps, CPPS.me and LimitlessCP still live? Because the people who created know what they are doing and took measures to make hacking it nearly impossible(nothing is unhackable), so if you got taken down then you failed to secure your users information, and I assume no one but children will ever play your servers again
    also you cant die in your dreams unless someone sneaks into his room and stabs or hits him really really hard over the head
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  4. Slider added a post in a topic iCPPS Source   

    I belive "iCPPS_multi" is the one, but I think the difference is it has the fix for windows built into it
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  5. Slider added an answer to a question PEv2 White screen error (Hamachi)   

    No, he doesn't, AS2 works on both versions, it's creative cloud that doesn't work with AS2.
    The loader files that come with the source/mediaserver are rubbish, try some of these, I know for a fact one of them works
    (contains a zip archive inside the archive source with a bunch of CPPS loaders (src.zip) try them out if none of them work then you must be doing something wrong, also did you edit the "var HOST" at the bottom?

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  6. Slider added an answer to a question Adding Music in Localhost   

    There is only one file named global_crumbs.swf, if you have you your mediaserver has not been put together correctly, and you edit the rooms in the actionscript as they all say local
    room_crumbs.plaza = {name:"eg", music_id: 0}
    music_id is what you want and you replace it with the name of the swf that plays this music, and to add you own music just create a swf and import the mp3 to the fla and publish the swf to the music directory.
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  7. Slider added a post in a topic Which language?   

    Depends, do you plan to go towards game programming or applications like a web browser
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  8. Slider added a blog entry in Snowball.pw   

    Snowball.pw is returning
    As you may have remembered the original release was a complete disaster, which is why this time I hope you will enjoy the relaunch (date of release: TBD).
    anyway, here and there I will post a preview of the progress but not to much will be released as it'll have to wait for the relaunch.
    Site development:
    2 hours ago:

    10minutes after 2hours ago:

    More pictures will be release when more progress of the site has been made.
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  9. Slider added a post in a topic Introducing Snow Cube   

    No but it sounds more like you are trying to cover up the fact you've been ddosed.
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  10. Slider added a post in a topic Cleanest AS2 loader made by Iwaddle   

    It's actually 10 lines, it may require: System.security.allowDomain("*"); and in my case it did. Possible more depending on how you plan to do servers.
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  11. Slider added an answer to a question Unable to switch source in Localhost   

    Wait are you talking about the iwaddle logo on the startscreen? because thats not the source its a swf..
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  12. Slider added an answer to a question Unable to switch source in Localhost   

    He means close the application running the two PHP files, assuming it's iCPPS source, otherwise the ports are already in use and cannot be used again as it wouldn't know which one it should listen to.
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  13. Slider added an answer to a question Can't change map/interface in Localhost   

    You are clearly being stupid.
    (Your other topic)
    and the fact you think a bunch of php files can "take over sources" is hilarous.
    You have to clear your cache for the interface or whatever to update as for the source you have to use the same ports for login and game on the loader which you probably are not doing
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  14. Slider added an answer to a question Best available FREE VPS?   

    If you can't afford to fund this server there is absoluetly no point unless you get a steady income to purchase the required materials. You are going to need
    A VPS server w/ ddos protection
    A Domain(can be a free one, but purchasing is probably a better option as you can get a shorter name -> easier to remember)
    web host w/ ddos protection, I'd recommend you set up a few applications like cloudflare to increase the load time of the site, and i'd recommend only the php/web documents and mediaserver go here, you should only host your source on the vps(not in var/www) and I recommend you use nginx, and only install the modules needed for your vps, such as php, nginx, mysql etc.
    ddos protection is the main concern + security, if you can't buy/create this, then you shouldn't put up a website you know can be hacked or crashed easily, I'd also recommend you learn ONE language to code your source in, (do not use PHP) because if you hope it to be a success you will want it to handle users and run database queries in the background to not slow down the run time of your server.
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  15. Slider added a post in a topic Code Wildfire   

    It happened on CP @Aurora how long did you wait for it to load? CP's took at least a minute before it even showed up
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