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  1. Bane added a post in a topic Warning About Tybone10   

    Whether or not the dump isn't publicly available it still unfairly invades the user's privacy who had play no role in how their information is stored - yet they're paying the price?
    & What was his reasonings? Didn't read all this thread too much nonsense. 
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  2. Bane added a post in a topic Warning About Tybone10   

    Just because people disagree with Tybone's security/storage techniques(?) does not mean hundreds, if not thousands of private data linking to children should be released in the public domain? At least censor it if you're proving a point. Proving a point doesn't require invasion of privacy (although *if op is telling the truth* Tybone wasn't necessarily storing information fairly does not mean the public should be granted the information).
    And to those mocking him for this - perhaps wrong of him, the majority of CPPS owners stores information in plain-text and it has been, and still is used against the users at the owner's benefit (not saying Tybone exploits his users information) but it's always happened, people are only making a fuss because Tybone's servers are huge because of his work. And like Chai said, people seem to have something against him for no apparent reason (tbh)?
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  3. Bane added a post in a topic Rile5 has been upgraded to IPS4!   

    Looks a lot better.
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  4. Bane added a post in a topic CPPSFiles.com <--- New CPPS File Host   

    That's been there for years. It's half dead now.
    Thanks for keeping the CPPS resource site running Matt beware it's a bandwidth killer.
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  5. Bane added a post in a topic My resignation   

    At least a tried unlike others, ay?
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  6. Bane added a post in a topic My resignation   

    Thanks for your kind words.
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  7. Bane added a topic in Announcements   

    My resignation
    You may have all noticed my inactivity recently, unfortunantly today I have made the decision to end my Administration on Rile5. It's been really fun, and I've enjoyed working for Rile5 since 2012 - and I wish it never had to end, but this time it's out of my hands, I don't really have much choice.
    There's been rough times for sure, but also enjoyable times. When I first joined this community I had no expectations for it, I didn't think I'd make friends like I have and I certainly didn't think I'd be where I am today. I'd like to thank all of you, you've been great, you've given me building blocks and things to learn from, even the users who caused havok.
    I did not think I'd get as close to Rile5 as I am, and that's why it's really hurting to write this, and sad. I really hope Rile5, and you guys the best of luck when I'm gone. I'd like to thank Riley, and all the staff for such an enjoyable ride. See you guys one day again.
    Riley - you took me on since day one, you've been great. Thanks for the opportunities you've given me. d0pe - Hey we might not of got along that much but you were a secret inspiration of mine Thomas, Sled, Tom - you guys have been so great, you've worked your butts off helping me out, it's been hard for us all, and it'll probably keep getting harder, but keep up your amazing work and stay close! Thanks for everything. The reason I'm leaving is nothing to do with the users, or Rile5, it's to do with the law - and it caught up with me. I'm still going to be on here now and then, and I'm still definetely going to assist and help the mods,  but I'm no longer an Administrator.
    Regarding my other sites, such as CPPSCentral, over the next few months my sites will cease to exist. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and helped me, especially Benjamin and Sled. A special thanks goes out to Jamie, who although hasn't worked closely with me recently, has still helped me a lot. Thanks guys.
    Thank you.
    Signing out.
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  8. Bane added a post in a topic Updates on CPPS's being DDoSed   

    It's really not hard, I could do it. They're using weak booters to take down weak servers. The only good this so-called group is doing, is showing people that they should really invest in better hardware. Hell, I could take any CPPS down that's currently up, very eaily - you probably could aswell.
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  9. Bane added a post in a topic Updates on CPPS's being DDoSed   

    Stop giving them attention...
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  10. Bane added a post in a topic Error When Reporting Blog Posts   

    I've made Riley aware.
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  11. Bane added a post in a topic iPandanda Source   

    Yes but there's little probability it'll be released now.
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  12. Bane added a post in a topic iPandanda Source   

    The original user who purchased, and disributed the source has disputed the release through PayPal.
    The current version of the source will not be released (but that's not to say another one is not being coded in C & Java).
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  13. Bane added a post in a topic Awards   

    I do mostly everything, Riley does most of the server and maintenance related stuff. d0pe does, er.... 

    I can't access /var/....
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  14. Bane added a post in a topic iPandanda Source   

    The only creators are me and Jamie. Just put something along the lines of "Credit to iPandanda.net - who have supplied us with source code to run this server.".
    Why should the people who leaked the source get credit lmao? And, some stuff will be fixed, but not everything. I guess that's your go.
    I have the SWF decryptor which we created for iPandanda. I'm not sure whether that will ever be released or not,
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