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  1. Fangs added a post in a topic How/Why did you join Rile5?   

    I came here when Riley asked me to help him develop it.
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  2. Fangs added a post in a topic Nelson Mandela Dies, 95   

    He will forever be remembered in the hearts of many. RIP.
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  3. Fangs added a post in a topic An Open Letter to Rile5 Staff   

    Honestly, the whole staff team's composition needs to be looked over and scrutinized. An entire overhaul and reconstruction of the roster isn't even difficult. It's clear that little to no effort has been put into fixing this very big issue.
    And as John_ has said, a few of the staff members here are just emotionally unstable and unable to seperate their personal affairs from their duties on this forum. It's quite bad and is definitely not how you run a forum. How the rules and policies seem to be clear as mud to some of the staff members is quite mortifying as well
    At this rate the forum won't ever better itself. Something needs to be done, and someone needs to take a stand for it to happen.
    Also, LOL. I don't know about you, but I find the amount of moderators on the forum to be hilarious. An average of 20 users online at a time doesn't require a team of nine.
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  4. Fangs added a post in a topic Veterans Rank   

    It is very unethical of the staff team to run in such a manner.
    Okay, I'm just going to say this: I like Riley as a friend; always have and most likely always will. This does not, however, change my opinion on the way he governs this forum, which is terribly done.
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  5. Fangs added a post in a topic Veterans Rank   

    So many issues with this statement right here:
    You're admitting that Riley pays little to no attention to what his users want. You're implying that this section is useless. Why would someone suggest something when "it'll be ignored and forgotten (unless you [they] bug the fuck out of Riley)."  
    You guys need to fix this. The least you can do is not admit this right in the public.
    Get a system with procedures up on how you're to take in suggestions or the users won't feel satisfied nor content. 
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  6. Fangs added a post in a topic Veterans Rank   

    And...how exactly is what I suggested off-topic?
    Please, enlighten me.
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  7. Fangs added a post in a topic Veterans Rank   

    No, this was during the early IP.Board stages.
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  8. Fangs added a post in a topic Veterans Rank   

    We tested it out for a day or so. Wouldn't be surprised if the majority of users did not witness it in use.
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  9. Fangs added a post in a topic Veterans Rank   

    There's really not much to explain.
    Awards would be under your post profile description bit. Last time Riley tried this out, he manually checked users if they met the requirements of the award.
    Considering how active he is at the moment, I doubt this will happen. I'm sure there are other systems that could be put in place though.
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  10. Fangs added a post in a topic Veterans Rank   

    Now back to OP's proposal.
    I don't agree with a rank/usergroup being set up just for the veterans of the forum. Instead, I suggest Riley bring back the awards system.
    So basically instead of what you suggested, an award would be given out.
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  11. Fangs added a post in a topic Veterans Rank   

    I did not participate (or at most 5% of my overall posts) in discussions regarding CPPSes. Look over my posts and you will notice that.
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  12. Fangs added a post in a topic Veterans Rank   

    The way you craftily inserted the "before you "quit"" statement really irritates me.
    Yes I have quit. I just visit from time to time because I, believe it or not, get bored too at times.
    Oh my, you consider someone with a 2,499 post count obsessed?
    I'm hoping you detected my intended joke.
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  13. Fangs added a post in a topic Veterans Rank   

    All of you are newfags, jesus.
    And what the hell is this?
    I haven't been active for like a year yet I'm still in the top 6 posters of all time?
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  14. Fangs added a post in a topic Being Trusted   

    Oh wow. Way to be straight to the point about it. Even if this was unfortunately half true, saying it the way you said it...
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  15. Fangs added a post in a topic Music Category   

    I see no issue with this suggestion.
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