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  1. MacGyver added an answer to a question ips glitch on phpmyadmin   

    If you're hosting on a server, you can go to the logs and look at the IPs there. If you have too much traffic to make it out then you can go to packet captures.
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  2. MacGyver added an answer to a question CPPS Suggestions on a Linux Webserver   

    Thanks for the input cavedweller. I had originally been pointed that direction, but then was told that iCPPS wasn't open source and that one of the original programmers was crashing all the sites. Have you not found that to be an issue?
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  3. MacGyver added a post in a topic Judo Vs. Karate   

    I took an internal style of Kung Fu and really enjoyed it. It was very mental, and also using your opponents force against them. I wish I had time to practice every day, but life tends to get in the way.
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  4. MacGyver added a question in Support   

    CPPS Suggestions on a Linux Webserver
    I’m looking for someone to point me in the right direction and Maverick suggested I start a thread in here.

    I have a Linux webserver that I use for hosting sites I build. Recently I set up an account on the server for a couple of friends that wanted to learn more about building sites, hosting, etc. and they’ve been using it to play with static sites they built. Anyway a week or so ago I was asked if I would let them put up a CPPS site to play with so they could learn about more of the db side of things. Not really to be a public site as much as just for them to learn from. I told them I’d check into it and since then I’ve been trying to find a safe source code, and find out how to make it work on a webserver since most of the tutorials I’ve found are for running it on a desktop.

    Could any of you point me in the right direction? I’ve been told to use iCPPS, but then was warned about some things going on with crashing those sites, and it was suggested I go with Penguin Elite. I found PEv2, but was then warned that it has an exploit.

    I just want to find something that is safe and secure as I obviously don’t want to expose the server to any exploits. If anyone could tell me where to get a good source and tell me how to go about configuring it on a Red Hat server I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.
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  5. MacGyver added a topic in Introductions / Goodbye   

    Hey everyone
    I found this place through one of your members. I was asking him a question that he couldn't answer, but he was kind enough to suggest that I join here. Since then I've gotten to know a few of you by PM, and gained some great insight. Then Maverick suggested I post in here to say hello.

    I suppose I'm more of an I.T. guy than a programmer, but I am catching on and I do a lot of web programming/site building, hosting etc. I started out in notepad, but finally made the jump to some content management platforms like Joomla. I've also built a few forums like this one in the past, so I'm not sure how much I can contribute, but I'll be glad to answer whatever questions I can. Maybe some of you will have some Sonicwall or VPN questions I can help with.
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