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  1. Eddie added a post in a topic VPS   

    Thanks Zeck, but the problem is that Stomp IS the person I'm trying to get the VPS for o____o
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  2. Eddie added a post in a topic VPS   

    Erm, some people have VPS' they don't use anymore.. Take your medications dipfucks.

    And thanks i7Hackintosh:)
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  3. Eddie added a topic in General   

    Hey guys,
    Does anyone have a VPS they could get/lend to my friend for his CPPS? If so, please mail me:)
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  4. Eddie added a post in a topic Localhost   

    Thanks Question mark, mush appreciated:)
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  5. Eddie added a topic in General   

    I was wondering, my friend has only got a Localhosted CPPS but my other friend has got a VPS that he wants to give him. Is there anyway that he can sort of give his VPS to him, and use it on his CPPS?
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  6. Eddie added a post in a topic Tent Quits   

    Tent don't quit, please.
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