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  1. Guido added a post in a topic OpenCPv5   

    HAHA Thanks for that.
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  2. Guido added a post in a topic [REQUEST] CeCe & Rocky Clothing   

    Oh!! Thats a good idea! Thanks!
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  3. Guido added a topic in SWF Files   

    [REQUEST] CeCe & Rocky Clothing
    anyone have the ids or the files of the rocky and cece clothing?
    I hope can help me
    • 5 replies
  4. Guido added an answer to a question iCPPS Help   

    Start the "login.php" and "lake.php" and I get this error:
    Anyway I tried to enter, but when I try to enter, gives incorrect password error. I tried creating another user and still gives me error.
    That is why I asked for help.
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  5. Guido added an answer to a question iCPPS Help   

    Yes I search in all the CPPS's tutorial section, but I dont found nothing :/
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  6. Guido added a question in Support   

    iCPPS Help
    Hi! I'm new with the iCPPS source, and i dont understand how work it.
    Can anyone help me to configure the PHP and the Loader?
    in advance, thanks

    PD: I use Ubuntu 11.10
    • 4 replies