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  1. Test added a post in a topic Obama vs. Romney   

    I have never claimed that that's egoism. I have only claimed that, and this can be nicely put with your words, "There's poverty everywhere, should people just spend their hard earned money to help them?" is egoism.
    You're trying to justify your egoism (actually that of many people with your vision) by claiming that all poor people are unwilling to learn, unwilling to get a job. This is a misplaced generalization. Once stuck in poverty, it's just very hard to get out.
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  2. Test added a post in a topic C++ and C#   

    My opinion.

    From a C++ programmer: learn both if you want to learn anyway, and see which you like the most. Do not listen to people who know only one of both languages (or non of them).
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  3. Test added a post in a topic Obama vs. Romney   

    First of all, Canada isn't a European country and I do not know its situation (nor do you I think).
    Greece's situation is mainly consequence of tax evasion on a large scale, not of health care. If you would have read the news, you would have certainly known that (unless of course your news is corrupted). Greece is also not the whole of Europe. The Euro has a higher value than the Dollar, that implies that it's a safer investment.

    You do not get the point. The point is that I'm telling you that you have been indoctrinated with the idea that egoism is good thing (without even noticing yourself) so much, that it seems almost impossible to make you see that there is no way poverty is going to be prevented without interference of the state.
    Capitalism can not function without interference of the state. This is also why captialism can not function in its purest form.
    Extreme ideas never work out.
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  4. Test added a post in a topic Obama vs. Romney   

    When I read this post I just had to log in once again. This proves again how dumb some Americans are. I have read that Bush did not ruin your country, well notice that he went to war. War always causes economic problems, that's a fact that can be repeatedly noticed throughout the history of men. Furthermore, he attacked the wrong country if he wanted to attack terrorists.

    I have read that "people vote for Obama because he's black", just notice that there are people who do not vote for him also just because he is black. It should not matter what kind of person someone is, but rather only his political view should count. But well, it does not.

    Mitt Romney may support "lower taxes" but he evades them himself (<sarcasm>Yay! Mitt Romney is a good guy!</sarcasm>). Let me tell you something: lower taxes are an illusion. You will always end up having someone pay for that, in this case the poor classes of the society.

    The American "charity" system is a medieval technique; it lacks organization. Charity does not solve poverty, it just postpones it. Yes, health care does solve poverty, it prevents it. Romney does not support this, Obama does. Charity is something that's done once in a while. Social taxes are done at a constant rate. It should be clear to anyone that this is a better solution to poverty. Also, for the people that are going to tell me that "this leads to communism" and "health care doesn't work in Europe": Come to Europe and watch before you open your decadent mouth, we do not live in a communist (if you even know what that word actually means, and if you note the difference with Marxism) society and we have far less poverty.

    I do not understand how you can be as egocentric and hypocrite not willing to pay taxes to help other people who do not have a life as easy as yours. Do you not realize that this type of people exist or are you hypocrite and egocentric? Oh wait I heard that's exactly the vision of some Americans (guess what party!): egoism and greed are good. Maybe you are just ignorant of the current state of your country; pride comes before the fall.

    This is like telling a creationist God doesn't exist. Sad, isn't it?
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  5. Test added a topic in Member Introductions   

    Lack of intelligent discussion.

    (Now that most of the intelligent forum users have left.)
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  6. Test added a post in a topic A few tips on PHP   

    (see http://forums.i.r.cx/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13)
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  7. Test added a post in a topic iFlexs' Stuff Leaked - "Two Gigabytes of Lulz"   

    We know, Rile5 seems to like him though.
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  8. Test added a post in a topic Facemash Code   

    "SELECT * FROM images WHERE image_id = ".$_GET['winner']." " Implies that, where $_GET['winner'] is not escaped, it is possible to insert anything there; so for example: SELECT * FROM images WHERE image_id = 0;UPDATE images SET score = -1, wins = 0 WHERE image_id = 1[/code]
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  9. Test added a post in a topic Facemash Code   

    LOL, according to you, Mark Zuckerberg had never heard of SQL injection?
    You might want to fix that.
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  10. Test added a post in a topic A few tips on PHP   

    Yes, and it's probably a better idea because it will cause less inconvenience when changing the name of the class. It's also more general, since parent:: may be used too.

    Using echo with multiple arguments is faster if and only if PHP's argument passing system is faster than evaluation of expressions(notice: arguments must be evaluated as expressions too, although in this case they require minimal evaluation). This may strongly depend on your implementation, I believe.
    I think passing as arguments is definitely nice as syntactic sugar though.
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  11. Test added a post in a topic IP board vs. phpBB   

    IPBoard is definitely better. The forum was not ruined because of it.
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  12. Test added a post in a topic i.CPPSHQ.com - Club Penguin Item Database   

    "Finest" PHP, I hope you got some nice documentation then.
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  13. Test added a post in a topic Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome   

    Firefox has AdBlock too.

    Chrome was made by Google, that implies it was made to make money. Probably by selling your bookmarks and cookies.
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  14. Test added a post in a topic Perl DoS Tool   

    You should probably opt the latter,unless you really care a lot about your dog.
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  15. Test added a post in a topic Calculator in PHP   

    Using pred, next and other array functions is not a bad idea. His code was messed up after pasting, he probably did indent. Furthermore, he didn't use such array functions.
    You're correct about GOTO though.

    It's now unclear about which code you're talking here.
    If mine; I din't use any GOTO, I did use a standard approach to this problem(but Edsger Dijkstra isn't the only person who ever invented a method for this particular problem) and line 50 is perfectly fine(in both C and PHP) because of the return. This last criticism is particulary bad, because writing a redundant break would force one to write most awful code. My approach will in fact handle precedence, take a closer look. OP's does not.
    It's clear that you do not understand general programming methodology.
    I also explicitly stated that tabs where messed up, and I suspect the same happened to OP.
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