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  1. Mouse added a post in a topic Clearing things up   

    I never got myself into Arthur business, I simply agreed with him because it's the truth. Also I agreed with whatever Maria spoke to me, because what she said is the truth too. Like it or not, I even apologized for something else to her.
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  2. Mouse added a post in a topic Clearing things up   

    I mentioned Arthur and Maria only because I spoke to Maria about the staff and she came up with some stuff that I'm not obviously going to tell you. I mentioned Arthur because of the Jace issue.
    My past has literally nothing to do with my future, the warnings issue hasn't been solved so yes, I had the rights to bring it up.
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  3. Mouse added a post in a topic Clearing things up   

    Show me on where I did mind my business? I barely have been posting lately. I don't think shit, it's what you users think. Yes I have the biggest ego, and no I don't show off anymore, but yes I remember when I used to keep showing off, I learnt from it and stopped. 
    I don't believe or know where you're getting this stupid vendetta from but seriously stop bringing my past into this. I haven't been doing much in this forum since a month or two. 
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  4. Mouse added a post in a topic Clearing things up   

    Thank you. I didn't skype him because he never gets online and I'm unable to pm him. It would be great if both he and Bane could pm me, the last time I messaged Bane about a problem of not  being able to access certain sub forums he completely ignored me. I had to ask tom to help me and he tried his best but couldn't fix it, so I went ahead and asked d0pe.
    Like I said, none of this would have happened if the staff hadn't warned me for bullshit. I've always been a nice user who shares his opinion around and helping around and I still do despite the fact of the staff interrupting and causing chaos.
    Also I've always admitted that I was wrong and I do, I do think that this is wrong too, but I don't deserve to be treated like this by the staff for an opinion and I'm tired of being treated like shit. They deny that they're wrong and they don't want to admit that what they did to me is completely wrong.
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  5. Mouse added a post in a topic Eminem - Mockingbird   

    You should listen to his latest track 
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  6. Mouse added a post in a topic Points System   

    Wait what? I don't understand the real deal with this.
    What exactly is it used for? and what does it have to do with Club Penguin or CPPS'S?
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  7. Mouse added a post in a topic Clearing things up   

    Would you like it if he did it to you? Accused you, name called you, warned you for an honest opinion? I bet nope. Especially from an Admin.

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  8. Mouse added a post in a topic Clearing things up   

    Talk about name calling, ya'll are all acting really fucking innocent. Bane named called me a "wanna be troll". Now that's something I'd never expect from an Admin. Therefore I had and do have rights to be mad and to call him names.
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  9. Mouse added a post in a topic Clearing things up   

    They deserve to be called names, I have done literally nothing wrong, an opinion was taken so seriously by them so they warn me because they're unable to bare the truth. Lying is what they're about and accusing me and trying to shove guilt against me.
    None of this would have happened if they did not have to warn me. Those warnings were completely unnecessary. I was bullied at school. I stood up for myself. The same goes here when I get guilt thrown at me. I stood up for myself, and maybe if Bane did not have to call me a "wanna be troll" or accuse me of shit, I wouldn't have called him or anyone names.
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  10. Mouse added a topic in Music   

    Eminem - Mockingbird
    Old but Gold <3

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  11. Mouse added a post in a topic Clearing things up   

    You're trying to shove shit down my throat. When all I did was to be honest and tried not to lie. I spoke the truth, and you staff hate it because I know what exactly ya'll did to me. Bane shouldn't have warned me for being honest with a user in which he claims that I was trolling when I was not.
    I'm innocent and therefore you're trying to lead me down the road of guilt and you're literally failing with your lies and lame excuses.
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  12. Mouse added a post in a topic Clearing things up   

    Doing your job? bullshit job. You didn't like me speaking the truth and sharing my opinion. You consider it bashing.
    There's other users like I said in the topic who have done much worse than what I did, yet they don't get punished.
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  13. Mouse added a post in a topic Respect gets you farther in life   

    They've done, but nothing wrong. I respect them because they support me like brother's. Go ask d0pe yourself.
    don't be butthurt because I don't consider you lolz.
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  14. Mouse added a post in a topic Clearing things up   

    Well you're acting like one. I spoke to Roxy because I could and because I wanted to apologize to her and I did as well. I never think that I'm "better" than anyone else, maybe that's what you think. I don't always look for attention, I'm telling the users what they need to hear(my side of story). Skype you? Like you're even on right now, You've even disabled your pm's, you should be ashamed for trying to shove guilty down my throat. I respect everyone as they respect me, I did until you went off yesterday power whoring because I stood up for myself against Bane.
    Also if you have a problem with me or this, feel free to contact me for permission to lock it and deal with it via pm. But only do it if you're willing to apologize and agree that what ya'll did was wrong because it is wrong and that's the truth.
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  15. Mouse added a topic in Forum Help and Suggestions   

    Clearing things up
    This topic is to clear things up, not to Bash out or have any means to do so.
    Sorry if I may sound harsh here and there.
    But I got this warning point which is hideous of Cameron.

    Look you should mind your own business.
    First and for most, Bane could have easily pm'd me and sorted things out, and if he wanted to Ban me then he could have but there's no reason because he knows that he is wrong, but you tried instead you failed at it. Bane warning me was completely unnecessary and I had and I still do have every rights to be against him for that when the owner of the topic himself said that it was an opinion and not a troll post.
    Also Bane said this
    Explain the 99% of my topics. That's completely irrelevant and a lame answer from you.
    The warning clearly stated only for that one post of mine and that post wasn't a troll post and I do not see how when it was an honest and truthful opinion from me.

    I would have lied instead. But I didn't. Why? Because I like speaking the truth and I was being honest. Do you not like that? Nope, you go off power whoring because you found it to be a troll post. Also explain the users and experts and the team you claim. I doubt you would
    Again it was an opinion and not a troll post. You can't approve me of being guilty or accuse me of such because I'm innocent. I did nothing wrong by speaking out an honest & truthful opinion.
    Also if I ever attempt to troll, I tend to add sarcasm and act like an idiot + try to put up humor. But did I? Nope.
    This is what I told the user Almighty on his topic here 
    Clearly he was showing off way too much on that topic and para about his "About me". I could have easily gone ahead and told him "Its a very nice paragraph", but I did not, because I did not want to lie, but you made me to do so, so after you warned me, I went ahead and edited the post.
    Last but not least, there are other users who have bashed you as well and more than what I did, they've even bashed out Jace aka Jamie. But they don't get the punishment that I get. I have the right to be treated equally as the users for example(Maria, Arthur, John) etc.

    These users have done much worse than what I did and I get punished for speaking up an opinion, truth and standing up for myself? 
    Seriously? Are you that retarded Cameron?
    Just because you don't like me doesn't mean you have to keep power whoring because I tell some of you people off which you deserve
    Stop being so corrupted and learn to accept the fact that ya'll are corrupted af.
    tldr I'm not the bad guy here, I was being honest and honesty is the best policy if you don't like that then fuck yourselves. I may have lied in the past but I've learnt from it all.
    Also stop warning me and removing my abilities, ya'll are pussies if you do. Be the staff ya'll are and grow a pair of nuts and talk and deal stuff with me if you have a problem.
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