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  1. Riley added a post in a topic "Find Content" Issue   

    Sorry for the recurring issue, I've fixed it. It shouldn't happen again!
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  2. Riley added a post in a topic Driver Error When Updating About Me Section   

    "d͞i͡� s̴̡̧ţ҉̷͞ò̢̕r̶̛̕͡t̶̨͡͞ę͝d͘͝͡͏" is probobly not the best thing to try to set as your rank.
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  3. Riley added a comment on a blog entry Canvas: Early Stages   

    Looks nice, have you done any benchmarking on the project? Also you should take a look at the SuperSocket framework
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  4. Riley added a post in a topic Message to Everyone Using PHP For CPPSes   

    Ya'll need Haskell.
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  5. Riley added a post in a topic Fix "Find Content"   

    Should be fixed now, I apologize.
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  6. Riley added a post in a topic Change the homepage default theme   

    We have a few themes available for usage, as of right now we have selected Subway as the default. You can always change it thought.

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  7. Riley added a post in a topic SoundCloud Embedding   

    Just link a Soundcloud url.
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  8. Riley added a post in a topic Documenting the Club Penguin Protocol   

    I like the idea, I registered and will probably end up adding to it when I get some free time this week.
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  9. Riley added a post in a topic Original Posts and Rep   

    Nothing is 'broken', the reputation system along with post counts were recounted. The numbers that are currently displayed are correct. Your posts went down because of deleted topics / posts that should not be counted towards your real post count.
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  10. Riley added a post in a topic What's Currently Happening   

    I'd like to clear something up before all of you start freaking out. The reputation and post counts were recounted for all users. This means that your post count and reputation that are no longer tied to post (due to deletion) are not longer accounted for. You did not "lose" any reputation or posts, they are now displaying the correct information.
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  11. Riley added a post in a topic How to put moving gifs as rile5 profile pic   

    Just upload a small gif image as your profile picture and it should work just fine
    You can click here to get there.
    Edit; moved to forum help
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  12. Riley added a post in a topic Hello   

    Welcome (back) to the forums SnowBear!
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  13. Riley added a post in a topic People who remember 9/11: Where were you on 9/11?   

    I was in 1st grade at the time, I remember the teachers giving us American flag pins.
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  14. Riley added a post in a topic Chat   

    Now try it, it should be fixed!
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  15. Riley added a post in a topic r5 server released!   

    PM me if you'd like a rile5.com subdomain for this minecraft server.
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